Habbo has played a small role in my life, Eventually I want to finish this story about my experiances. It's not done yet.

Beta, not too many people realize, was the beginning of a lot of controversy in the Habbo world. Sure it meant the end of an era of BattleBall and other features, but it was the beginning of the current era.

Honestly, I think the time around the merge was the downfall of Habbo. Not necessarily the concept of merging, but that we saw so much of the community leave from the shock of it (staff and players). I don't think removing the 'News' soon after helped at all. Now communication is only viewable through twitter or tracking it down on their blog.

The events became more dull over time, players left, staff left without replacement.

Even a short time before the Great Mute, not much was being done with Habbo. Old groups fell apart, new groups only promoted specific rooms.

I personally used a group called "Answers", an excellent community of Habbo players of all kinds would share how to get the latest badges and rewards. (Very useful to the wiki for a brief time). Fierycold, likely one of the wealthiest players in the game, created a new group "Tips" (Even by the name, you can tell was a rip off). This was fine, competition is a good thing. However, a team from 'Tips' were leaked mod status on Answers and 4+ years of history was destroyed from Answer's forums. I have a feeling Tip's owner was paying them to do it. Shame on them.

The Great Mute was the last straw for many community members. They even dared to give it a name. I know the CEO did the wrong things. Obviously, taking action sooner would have been a great plan ("The Great Plan"). However, Sulake knows that they made a news article, written by some unknown writer, way more powerful than it deserved. It's pretty sad when teenagers had better solutions. (I don't think you deserve your job).
I can't even blame the unknown news source that posted the article in the first place (4Tv? or something? [like they want to be on tv but they can't?] I should really know this...) Sulake was a selfish company that broke their own game for everyone.
We were promised that everything would be all right "soon", yet we still can see the effects from it.