Seasonal Parasols

The seasonal parasols were released on August 2012 to commemorate the Seasons of the year. They are very popular among most of the Habbo community!

The Line

There are only 3 Parasols in the line.

X Custom Sun Parasol - The Sun Parasol. (For Summer)

X Custom Peach Parasol - The Peach Parasol (For Spring)

X Custom Grass Parasol - The Grass Parasol (For Autumn)

X Custom water Parasol - The Icy Parasol (For Winter)


The Sun Parasol costs 25c.

The Peach Parasol costs 15c.

The Grass Parasol costs 5c.

The Icy Parasol costs 10c.


  • Most people get the Grass Parasol confused with spring because it doesn't look that autumny.