Santa's Grotto is a room created by "lost126".


It was created in Decmber 2012.When it was created,lost126 dressed up like Santa and went around in rooms giving people joy and what they call,"prezzies".Lost used "Santa logic" to say "wait until Christmas day!",though,however,some failed misereably...

A Normal "Santa Logic" Conversation

Lost126:Hohoho,Merry Christmas!

?:Santa lol

?:If your santa give me prezzies

Lost:Have you been a good girl/boy this year?

?:Santa!Your freaking me out lol

Lost:Oh,why now?

?:Your not the real santa

Lost:Oh,that is not very nice! I AM the real Santa! I am offended that you think otherwise!

To be continued...



Owner:Lost as stated upper on the article


  • One would say to Lost,"Santa lol" every time.Or at least most of the time.

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