Miss USA Habbo 2017
Eveline Walker, Miss USA Habbo 2017


17 April 2017


Fred Griezman, Jennifer Caruso


Honolulu, 23px-Flag_of_Hawaii.svg.png Hawaii


YouTube AXN Haddoz channel


23px-Flag_of_Idaho.svg.png Idaho Eveline Walker

Miss USA Habbo 2017, the 14th Miss USA Habbo pageant was held in April, 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

French actor Fred Griezman and Television Host and famous Italian artist Jennifer Caruso hosted the show, meanwhile Wynter Gordon, David Archuleta and Kris Allen performed live during swimsuit, evening gown and final look rounds. Charleen Lowell of Washington crowned her succesor Eveline Walker from Idaho at the end of the event. Walker will represent USA in the 14th Miss Universe.


Final results Contestant
Miss USA Habbo
  • 23px-Flag_of_Idaho.svg.png Idaho - Eveline Walker
1st Runner-up
  • 23px-Flag_of_Washington.svg.png Washington - Aylann Page
2nd Runner-up
  • 23px-Flag_of_South_Dakota.svg.png South Dakota - Pearl Moore
3rd Runner-up
  • 23px-Flag_of_New_York.svg.png New York - Paige Rogers
4th Runner-up
  • 23px-Flag_of_Rhode_Island.svg.png Rhode Island - Yerlien Thompson
5th Runner-up
  • 23px-Flag_of_New_Jersey.svg.png New Jersey - Alexandra Bloom
Top 11
  • 23px-Flag_of_Hawaii.svg.png Hawaii - Cassandra Van Hooten
  • 23px-Flag_of_Nevada.svg.png Nevada - Barbara Humboldt
  • 23px-Flag_of_New_Mexico.svg.png New Mexico - Katy Miller
  • 23px-Flag_of_North_Carolina.svg.png North Carolina - Meire Johnson
  • 23px-Flag_of_Virginia.svg.png Virginia - Kelsey O'Brien
Top 16
  • 23px-Flag_of_Alaska.svg.png Alaska - Mariana Smith
  • 23px-Flag_of_Georgia_%28U.S._state%29.svg.png Georgia - Cece McGrady
  • 23px-Flag_of_Pennsylvania.svg.png Pennsylvania - Alena Voloviak
  • 23px-Flag_of_Tennessee.svg.png Tennessee - Haley Sharpe
  • 23px-Flag_of_Texas.svg.png Texas - Valeria Wilson