Molf Habbo
Created in 2006, Habbo Molf and her famous mustard yellow outfit is one of Habbos most established and famous users. Winning numerous competions between 2006-2008 including 'Shabbolins' 'Streets of Bobba campaign', 'Candy Floss' Theme Park Created Competition, Habborella Cruise Competion and Earth Week competiton winner.

Molf gained popularity for several phrases such as "don't talk to me, peasant" and "I love my fans."

Badge Display Competiton Winners

In April 2013 Molf was featured on the hotel view for 7 days amongst others after placing in the #Top10 during a room Builder Badge Museum competiton.


Controversial stories sorrounding Habbo Molf includes the rising of 'The Molfettes' a group of users who were asssoiated with Molf originally made to allow friends and fans of Molf. However, the group quickly turned into a rampage of trolling and distruction. Transforming Molf into a much more darker but influential Habbo today.