DR.IDIOT is a well known "trasher" on youtube. His vicious trashing attacks includes for example rearranging the furniture in ongodly orders and destroying groups on habbo hotel by kicking all of the members out of it. He can only be found on the Swedish version of Habbo Hotel ( when he currently plays, aswell as on the youtube-channel, OSIStv, where all of the videos of him and his crew trashing habbo hotel rooms can be seen.

DR.IDIOT joined back in 2008 and opened a hospital in theme of the current event, the virus. His hospital quickly gained popularity and he became known as the Doctor of the Virus Era. When the event ended people started to lose interest in DR.IDIOT's small hospital and it was time to for him to change his profession. In the middle of July 2010 after watching a couple of youtube clips of habbo raids, videos of people messing around with noobs and trashing rooms at habbo hotel he knew what he wanted to do. He searched the swedish hotel for a partner to "work" with and he found one right of the bat. His name was Omar-98. They started of in the early days by getting rights in random hotel rooms to later trash them and raiding the room's owner by typing in Caps-Lock their clan name "OSIS" over and over again. "OSIS" is swedish and translates to "Bad Luck" which both Omar-98 and DR.IDIOT thought was very fitting for their acts on the hotel and named their newly started youtube channel after it. Since then OSIStv has just focused on trashing which was the type of videos that gained them the most news. Omar-98 left the clan just a couple of months after they started it and DR.IDIOT was left alone to run this channel that only grew bigger by every video. He resebled a new crew with far more members than before and with a big trashing clan behind him and all kinds of new tricks used to getting them rights in places, there was no stopping them when they decided to wreck a room completely.

Today OSIStv is the biggest trashing clan on and probably worldwide aswell since not too many people make trashing a profession nowadays.

If you're in the mood for some good old habbo trashing you can check OSIStv on youtube by clicking here.