• Dǐll Kevlar

    Habbo Story Rough Drafts

    December 20, 2012 by Dǐll Kevlar

    Habbo has played a small role in my life, Eventually I want to finish this story about my experiances. It's not done yet.

    Beta, not too many people realize, was the beginning of a lot of controversy in the Habbo world. Sure it meant the end of an era of BattleBall and other features, but it was the beginning of the current era.

    Honestly, I think the time around the merge was the downfall of Habbo. Not necessarily the concept of merging, but that we saw so much of the community leave from the shock of it (staff and players). I don't think removing the 'News' soon after helped at all. Now communication is only viewable through twitter or tracking it down on their blog.

    The events became more dull over time, players left, staff left without repl…

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  • Dǐll Kevlar


    September 29, 2012 by Dǐll Kevlar

    I have a complaint that Habbo is over pricing pixel garbage and scamming teens. If the news slipped something about you scamming children, would you make credits free (kind of how you muted everyone for an unreasonable amount of time over a news story)?

    There are games that can charge for membership and make good money.

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